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Divine Mercy Spanish

The Divine Mercy ministry was initiated here at the St. Joseph Parish in April 2001. It started with only 2 people.
In 2005 the group consisted of 7 people and currently there are 20+ members in the ministry.

Within the ministry we have several activities.

We meet as a ministry twice a month.

We attend Spiritual Retreats twice a year.

We also have an annual vigil in preparation for the Feast of Divine Mercy.
Which is the special novena that Jesus asked Sister Faustina on Good Friday.

An annual Mass is celebrated in the parish as a feast for Divine Mercy.

1- We have a special radio program on Radio Lazer 106.5fm on the first Sunday of the month.
2- We raise funds to provide food to those most in need.
3- We pray the crown every Monday and Tuesday in the Chapel at 3:00 pm

If you have prayer needs, we accept requests to pray for you.

Facebook: Divine Mercy

Divine Mercy Spanish: Service
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